The JET JML 1014VSI Mini Lathe: An Expert Review

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This is an excellent lathe. Mine did arrive with a damaged hinge plate on the motor contrll box but Jet gets an A+ for customer service by FedExing a new one right away without any fuss.

This is my third lathe and a second one to have on hand for doing smaller items. That way I don't have to fire up my 2HP Powermatic just for small stuff. I am very impressed with the general operation.

The new indexing feature is a nice addition to this lathe. It has 24 indexing positions which is plenty for a mini lathe. Indexing is done via a spring loaded threaded pin just in front of the handwheel. Pushing it in engages the lock, release and it springs back out. Push it in and turn it to engage the threads and you have hands free use of the locked spindle. Just remember to unlock it before starting the lathe up.

The variable speed is easy and accomplished by five speed settings on a dial, combined with three belt settings. A belt setting of LOW gets 500-1200 RPM; MED 1100-2600 RPM; HIGH 1700-3900 RPM. A plate on top of the motor controll box has all the speed settings posted there. Changing the belt positions takes all of 20 seconds. Probably less with smaller hands than mine!

As a test, I mounted a branch section 8"long x 3" diameter, and 1" off center. Starting the lathe at 500 RPM produced no significant vibration. This was with the lathe just sitting on a bench, not bolted down. I slowly turned the knob to speed three, 680 RPM, and vibration became too much. Speed one and two would have been more than enough to rough the piece down to round.

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After perhaps a month of reading and comparing mini lathes, I choose to buy the JET 1014VS. I am totally satisfied with this lathe and look forward to "turning" each new project. The 1014VS is a stout machine that actually hums at higher speeds - No vibration, just smooth operation. My lathe did arrive with a broken control box, perhaps the manufacturer will retrofit with a metal appliance someday. Replacing the control box was relatively easy and the Customer Support lady was very helpful. I am a very happy customer.